Emergence at Last

The stretch of consecutive works days was getting to me, so on the afternoon of the eleventh day, Wednesday, I was so very thankful to have an afternoon of bliss. Giving up half the sleep I’d normally get, I headed out with my friend Ashley on a walk to Sir Sanford Fleming Park, one of my favourite pieces of Halifax.

The day before I’d decided to get ready for Spring and Summer by purchasing a new pair of sandals and sunglasses. I left my apartment wearing both and was thankful that I did. The weather out was absolutely perfect. I can’t remember a day that felt so right to be out it; it was warm but not at all uncomfortable.
I met with Ashley at the rotary and started walking toward the park. We’re both generally quiet people, so it was mostly a time of comfortable silence. It’s actually somewhat rare for me to be so quiet with most of my other friends, but with her it seems natural.
We spent a couple hours exploring the area around the Dingle tower, the park’s forest pathways and beyond into another park area and along some streets. I had a great time just exploring the woods, climbing huge boulders, leaping across a brook on stones and just blissing out in the beautiful setting. I needed that sort of joy and I’m glad I found it in perfect weather, a wonderful place and in good company. From the photos in my Spring gallery it may be hard to ken just how magnificent things were. I swear it was the most beautiful Halifax has ever felt to me, aside from company-induced magnificence.
I came home sunburned, but it didn’t phase me in the least.

Thursday I finally had a lone day off. To celebrate I decided to splurge on three items at a local store. I now have a stonewear sushi set, a maraca (I’m ready to provide some sha-na-nas and shake it!) and a new abstract wood necklace. Sushi is one of those foods that has grown on me greatly in the past year, so having suitable dishes and presentation seemed an appropriate addition to my minimal kitchen. Since becoming a vegetarian my food palate has expanded and my experiences with food more rewarding. Part of it is just being mindful of what I eat, and another is the experimentation I’ve pushed myself into.

Later Thursday I hung out with Nathan and Andrew, preparing for a bit of role-playing. Friday we actually got together with Rob and had a D&D session for the first time in months. For those gaming geeks out there, I was playing a wild elven druidic advenger. For those non-geeks reading, I was playing a silly acting game with dice.

After the D&D session Allison, Andrew and I went out to a Mexican restaurant I hadn’t known existed. Mexico Lindo was small, welcoming and somehow odd. It was a pleasant atmosphere, all told. The food was excellent, certainly the best of this style I’ve had at a restaurant in Halifax. The bean quesadillas are especially good, as is the fresh papaya juice.

I finally gave in to the momentum of the rest of the internet and started using del.icio.us.

del.icio.us is a collection of favorites – yours and everyone else’s. Use del.icio.us to:
* Keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, restaurant reviews, and more on del.icio.us and access them from any computer on the web.
* Share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues.
* Discover new things. Everything on del.icio.us is someone’s favorite – they’ve already done the work of finding it. Explore and enjoy.

It’s a very useful tool, and i’ll be featuring it in the rebirth of my website. For now, you can find some of my favourite links in my profile.

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