Mithra and Wandering

Earlier this week I found Sketch-It, a site where one of a group of artists will create a sketch for you for just $1, through Taylor’s Some of the money collected for the drawing goes to charity, some to the artists and some to keep the site going. They’ll draw just about anything and release it under a Creative Commons license (I do so love CC, in case you didn’t know.).

After a few minutes of deliberation, I had decided on what to request. “I’d love to have a sketch of my cat Mithra sitting on my laptop, like this photo.” Today I received a comment letting me know that my sketch had been finished. I followed the link to the site and discovered the delightful “Mithra Wants a Mouse” and the accompanying description:

Well I actually spent the longest on this sketch than any other for Sketch-It. I did about 7 different versions, trying to get a realistic version as best as possible…but the angled position of the cat and the shadows were messing with my mind. So I finally decided to do this..and I give you Mithra (in my own style of course.)

Was it worth a buck to have holy-evil Mithra immortalized as a sketch? Absolutely. Thanks Artistic Enigma!

If you’d like to get a sketch done, let them know you found out about the site through mine and I might get a free sketch, just as Taylor will because I mentioned him. It’s a great idea and a very fine realized blog, so you can’t go wrong with Sketch-It.

I’ve been thinking of investing in a new laptop bag sometime soon. My current messenger bag is fine, but when I travel this year I want something with style, safety for my laptop and comfort. The messenger bag will likely take on the role of carrying less precious items. I have two candidates for a new bag, a black shuttle bag and the Booq PowerSleeve. The PowerSleeve is the one most appealing to me because it looks compact and comfortable.

When I satisfy my wanderlust, it might be aided by a very cool site by the name of Can I Crash? The concept of the site is to facilitate the sharing of couches (spare rooms, etc.) across the world of blogging. It sure beats staying at a hotel, because it’ll be more likely to foster a genuine friendship while being considerably cheaper, even with my amazing Choice employee rate. I’m thinking of signing up to open up my home, though I know my fouton isn’t the greatest bed.

Speaking of that fouton, I’ve offered it to my dear friend April for when she returns to the city later this month. I’m excited for her to be living here in Halifax again, and it will be nice to have some company for a while. We always have grand times when we hang out, so I only expect more zaniness in the coming weeks.

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