Gothier and Geekier

The three days off I just finished weren’t restful, but I enjoyed them still. I was happy to have gotten a fair amount of neglected work done and also spend some time with friends.

On a whim I decided to go forward with a major redecoration and rearrangement of my apartment. For the longest time I had a living room I used infrequently and wasn’t especially fond of visually. Seeing that Mithra had damaged the sheer curtains I had up, I figured it was time to pick out some that would be durable and match my tastes better. Through this I ended up with an entirely new layout for how I’ll use my apartment and an environment I’m much happier to be in.
Black is a colour I’m very fond of, as anyone who knows me will attest. My wardrobe is black and I prefer it in things I surround myself with. It just suits me. I was rather excited to find black PVC curtains at a local store and soon had a radical change for my apartment happening.
That room now has black PVC curtains on the windows and an entrance set of black cloth curtains, making it a cozy white and black space. It’s a romantic, dark room that is great for my daytime sleeping and gothy sense of style.
The former bedroom is now a desert and sun-themed room that will serve more as a living room. I moved my bed and items from my bedroom into the living room and moved much of the living room furniture to the other room. I enjoy the contrast this room gives to my apartment, creating a rich sense of balance. I also enclosed my kitchen with an entrance curtain. The overall feel is now much less open and more atmospheric.

The geekier folks among you know that it’s now possible to run Linux, Windows and Mac OS X on one computer. I’m going for that holy OS trinity on my laptop and hope to have it finished in the next day or so. I’m excited to have the ability to use Kubuntu, Tiger and XP. That flexibility is something I think should be something we demand from software and hardware companies; it’s empowering for computer users to have real, quality choice in what OS and programs we use. I think I’ll still favour Linux, but it’ll be nice to try the Mac offering.

Other than looking into the triple OS install and redecorating, I spent two nights gaming with my friends Nathan, Rob, Andrew and Allison and then met with a friend to exchange books and chat today. Sleep and rest haven’t been part of my schedule for a while, but I’ve been enjoying being busy.

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