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I’m enjoying Sketch-It immensely and I hope you’re all checking it out! The second sketch I requested was posted yesterday and it’s a badass sketch of myself. I make an angry cartoon, but I’m impressed. Also of note is a drawing of my friend April along with one of her friends looking like two devious spies. From referring April I have a free sketch promised to me, and I decided to have one of my friend Vanessa made. Sketch-It, I love you!

Good Earth Day and a joyeous Vernal Equinox everyone! Now this is a holiday I can fully embrace. Much like I’ll be hugging a tree in a couple hours. I’m thinking a birch this time. I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on ways to benefit the earth, as will I.

So far my experiment with Mac OS X has been mediocre. I’m not especially fond of the GUI, but it’s a step up from XP. I’m still getting used to using it, but it’s not as intuitive or immediately pleasing as Kubuntu and Ubuntu were for me when I first tried them. Mac fans, am I missing some key insight that will unlock just how wonderful this OS is claimed to be?

In more tech thinking, my cell phone contract is coming to an end in a couple days and I’m considering signing a new contract and getting a new phone device. The Palm Treo 650 is very appealing to me because I have a lot of Palm OS stuff on my Clie and generally like the OS more than the Windows alternative. Plus, I could use it with my laptop as a modem if I’m ever desperate to use the web. Maybe a GPS addon in the future will have me Geocaching, an activity I’ve been itching to try.

Friday I began a training project with my cat Mithra. I’m going to be using “How to Toilet-Train Your Cat” to be rid of his litterbox for good. Mithra may be evil, but he’s going to be a well-trained manifestation of evil.

I’ve been thinking that I should have a kilt. I do have Scottish ancestry, so it would be fitting for me to have one. It must be black, of course, so I’m considering some of the kilts offered by Utilikilts. The denim kilt seems like a nice choice. The real question should be, are my scrawny legs something to bare?

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