Apollo vs. Telus

I’ve been a Telus cell phone user for nearly 5 years now for one reason: I happened to sign onto a really great plan when I first got a phone that no provider can top currently (Talk North America 30). If I leave Telus I lose the best plan for me.

Today I decided to look into getting a Treo 650 to replace my current phone. I want the phone so that I can replace my current Palm OS device and phone with just one device, and I told the first sales person I talked to as much. I was hoping to sign a three year contract and be able to get it for $99, as was advertised. I was told that I would need to add a feature bundle for $25 extra each month in order to get the phone. I would not use that additional service, so I told the two sales people as much. I asked about the possibility of buying the phone at the price it is offered without a contract, an overpriced $449.99, and not signing a contract that would nearly double my bill each month for three years. I was told that there is no way I could be sold or use the phone without sinking a ton of money into unnecessary charges each month. I said thanks and left the store.
I’ve done some of my own research into the phone and alternatives and I’m quite convinced that I was offered a terrible deal, especially considering I would be providing well over $1500 in revenue over three years with my current plan. For just $399.00 I could buy a much nicer device directly from Palm (it would only lack the phone hardware and have better features otherwise) or a Palm Treo itself for considerably less than Telus was offering it. This is a very discouraging situation for me because Telus is not only failing to meet my expectations as a long-time customer, but using pricing and refusal of service policies that are neither welcoming nor fair to customers.
I’ll be looking into other service providers in the next couple weeks to see if there are any plans that can measure up to my expectations. I’m hoping this isn’t simply an ugly side of the telecommunications industry that I’ll have to put up with. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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