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I’ve been reflecting upon identity lately. I’m intending to relaunch my website with identity as a central theme beginning on the first of next month (with a complimentary domain name of Dynamic ID . net) so I’ve been exploring the topic in a variety of ways. I’m especially interested in how to modify my presentation to be more transparent and compelling.

There’s so much of what we consider ourselves that doesn’t stand up to contemplative inquiry; once we sit in a witnessing perspective all the delusionary stuff is easier to cut through. This gives us the ability to look more objectively at our identity both in our own perception and in those of others. Crafting a self that is more transparent to the divine is very compelling and deeply challenging to me. It is perhaps the most rewarding work to be done because, when approached skillfully, it imbues everything we do with a greater authenticity and meaning.
A couple years ago I had a bit of a misguided mantra that arose when I discovered Taoism. I first entered into minimalism repeating, “the less I have, the more I am.” It was a very naive stance; I’ve happily come to see more clearly without losing the benefits of a minimalistic approach to much of my life. I came to know that I AMness is independant of such concerns; we are all absolutely Spirit, whatever our relativistic situation.
Lessening attachment to what we think of as our selves gives us more room to change and improve how we live because negative or unwanted aspects aren’t required to remain who we are. This liberating way of being is, I believe, the most desirable and fun way to live. For me, at least, life has deepened in mystery and wonder, meaning and direction; I’m at once incredibly challenged and tangibly joyed by the process of evolution.
I’m freed to recreate the identity I present to the world because of this realization, but I’ve been conservative in the changes I’ve made so far. I’m hoping to use the next year to dive into that process in a number of planned and spontaneous ways. I hope you’ll join me on this journey into manifesting love, beauty and truth as best I can.

I mentioned updating my wardrobe last month, a part of the identity project, and now I’m considering other adornment more seriously than I have in years. Last night I finished reading Hot Bodies, Cool Styles, a visually pleasing but annoyingly written book, and have a renewed interest in body modifications and adornment. Whether it be tattoos, piercings, jewelery or some other enhancement (okay, the terribly attractive simple ear is not yet available, but should I meet a girl with such an irresistable feature I’ll be helplessly in lust), I’m looking into additional symbology to incorportate into my altered presentation. Tattoos are especially appealing, but deciding on permanent images is a decision I always struggle with. Maybe it’s time to take a dive, though.

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