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Last night I visited the site of Daily Sonic, the first podcast I listened to faithfully. I’m quite impressed with the improvements of the content and delivery of the show. The ability to customize the show to include only the segments each listener wants has made me add it back to my weekly listening list, along with Integral Naked and Viking Youth Power Hour. If you’d like to hear what I’m listening to from Daily Sonic, check out Apollo’s Edition, my custom feed that includes my favourite bits, 30 Second Life Stories, Science Hour and the daily features and featurettes (that’s 15-20 minutes of content 3 times each week).

It seems like a natural social development that “friendliness is the new cool.” Though the article is from a frustratingly conservative media corporation and opens with lumping together Tool, 50 Cent and James Dean, it does give a bit of hope that some of the blander, angrier elements of popular culture may shift out.

It’s no longer cool to be cool. Now it’s more about being warm.
Such is the perplexing conclusion reached by two University of B.C. graduate students in the psychology department who set out to determine what constitutes coolness in 2006.
They found that contrary to what most parents might guess — even fear — is that qualities such as friendliness, egalitarianism, fairness, honesty, passion, even niceness, are considered cool according to the prevailing tastes of today.
“Parents will be relieved to know that the popular understanding of cool suggests a Hallmark greeting card more than a gangster orgy,” said researcher Ian Hansen.

Is this a sign we may see less adolecent posturing? I think we can all welcome that. When does this shift in social perspective impact media and replace 50 Cent with Ed Kowalczyk?

I just signed up for Vonage VoIP service, so I have a new number and a lot more minutes to make use of. Plus, calling nearly any country in the world is now very cheap for me. If you’d like to know my new number or give me yours so that we can talk sometime soon, just send me an e-mail at The new number will replace my cell number

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