Kissing & Other Blissful Acts

What’s with kissing coming up everywhere I go? Is this an indication that I really need to seek out a girlfriend so I can be making out? Today’s episode of Daily Sonic includes a science segment on that most glorious pastime. I think this must be a sign, so I’m opening myself to submissions for being my girlfriend. Please let me know your qualifications and willingness to have 30-hour sessions.

I’ve been reading John Selby’s Seven Masters, One Path this week and have found it an excellent read. It presents some foundational meditation techniques as shown through the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Patanjali, Lao-Tzu, Mohammed, Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti, seven of the world’s greatest spiritual luminaries. I appreciate the clear and practical teachings, especially the assertion that meditation should be something we slip into our daily living rather than relegating to isolated hour of the day; this has been something that made a tremendous difference in my path and something I believe is important for everyone to have access to. This is an excellent introductory book for meditation, and one those of use who have been meditating for years can benefit from.

It looks like my vacation time is confirmed. I’ll be leaving this province and heading to an unknown destination on November 1st, returning on the 14th. I’m weighing options right now and hope to come up with something more substantial in the next couple months. I’d love to have the chance to visit some of my friends abroad, so let me know if that would be possible. It would certainly add something memorable to the trip. Now I just have to juggle financial issues and I’ll be set to satisfy my wanderlust.

I discovered that if I call my own voicemail I can record .wav messages. This could be a nice tool for podcasting, so I’ll have to test it out soon. I’d certainly like to refine how I make such media additions to my website, so I think I’ll add some experimentation with that to my to-do list.

In search of inspiration for my new website layout, I’ve been looking at a lot of beautiful sites. It’s been challenging to create a vision that is crisp and unique, especially when seeing so many very well done designs. Visual art is not my greatest strength, but my perfectionist side pushes me to meet my high ideals for what a fine website looks like. I’m hoping I can live up to my own expectations and that such aspirations will translate into a site that you enjoy. The next 12 days will tell.

Philematology is my favourite science this week.

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