Divinity Making Out

What happens when I become frustratingly caught up in work and then spend my days off on the dark side (a.k.a The City of Lakes)? I neglect my journalling, of course.

But I love you all so terribly much that I’m back to make amends.
So, I was in Dartmouth for a couple days visiting my friends Andrew and Allison. We did some gaming and then did some exploring outside. We walked at Lawrencetown Beach for a time and found a starfish. We then climbed cliffs at an old quary and explored trails around it. It was nice to be out walking with friends, something I seldom am able to do.

And no one seems to recognize the symbols come to life,
The bitten apple on the screen and Jesus had a wife,
And she was his Messiah like that stranger may be yours,
Who holds a subtle knife that carves through worlds like magic doors
– Saul Williams, “Talk to Strangers”

Last week I went to see The DaVinci Code like countless others. As a film it was enjoyable, though by no means a great achievement. As an entertainment vehicle it’s engaging, but its true value and the excitement it offered me was as a cultural feat.
I feel there is a deep need for undermining religious dogma in general and especially Christian fundamentalism, as I’ve talked about before. Challenging commonly accepted myths with equally or more compelling stories helps to put cracks in the walls of the ethnocentric thinking of pre-rational religions. It’s no cure for the terrible obsticle of fundamentalism, but it certainly helps.
Having studied some gnostic theory, alternatives to mainstream Christian dogma and other related topics, I’d like to think I have a good understanding of the controversy on which the book and movie were based. I think it’s clear to anyone that has looked into it that much of the work is fiction, with the included facts less eye-opening than many that are available. The story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is much more open to interpretation than I would have thought when I was immersed in the mythic form of Christianity.
I hope we can push this trend to move the mainstream of Christian thought forward into a more open space where it accepts the story of Jesus as a myth of value rather than an undeniable truth. I believe that has to be the next step in evolving Christianity (and all other religions) into a force that can bring the world greater depth, prosperity and morality.

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