Nova Scotian Election Prelude

This coming Tuesday Nova Scotia will be having a provincial election. The battle is essentially between the social democratic NDP and the Conservatives, with the Liberals decidedly out of the race. As always, I will be supporting the NDP, the party that I believe has a clearer vision and understanding for the future of this province.

The NDP has a very solid spread of candidates, but I’m terribly excited to see that one of the most inspiring and influential people of my youth has stepped forward as the candidate for the area I grew up in. Gary Burrill was the minister at the church I went to as a child, and was a great influence on my appreciation of spirituality and the positive role religion can play; I still unwaveringly admire his convictions, openmindedness and deeply sincere compassion. I can think of no one better to represent the rural area I called home for so many years than Gary, who is a brilliant speaker and storyteller, a man of obvious intelligence and an exemplar of active compassion. I wish him nothing but the best in the challenge he faces to benefit the Colchester Musquodoboit Valley riding.
A tremendous amount of good can be enacted if we elect more NDP members, and I hope that will become a reality. As difficult as it will be to remove the Conservatives from power, it is vital to move this province forward and increase joy within the daily lives of thousands. If you have the opportunity to vote in this upcoming election, I hope you’ll join those of us working to bring the best to our communities.

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