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I had a rather eventful weekend, my first Saturday and Sunday off in some time.

Saturday night I attended a 40th wedding anniversary for my uncle Herald and aunt Marie. I had a heartwarming time with a large number of my family at the hotel where I work. It was wonderful to be able to see my young cousins and the rest of my family for a few hours; it had been several months since I had last seen most of them. My family is full of odd characters, so gatherings are always good for a laugh. The lowest point was when my sister and cousin Sara requested a Backstreet Boys song and I could, much to my horror, remember every word. I’d hoped to block it forever from my memory, but I failed miserably. The Macarena caused only slightly less trauma. The food was quite good, as were the drinks, to leave things on a high note.
Sunday I went to Halifax Greek Fest with Athan, April, Allison and Andrew (Nathan’s name is mispelled because I’m in the mood for alliteration, or assonance if we wish to be proper). I had a fantastic time at the fest. Though it was underwhelming in scope, the traditional music, dancing and food were delightful. I was especially impressed by the foods I ate and with my first taste of Alpha beer. If you’re ever in Halifax in June, I highly recommend dropping by the fest for a couple hours.

Somehow I’ve neglected to mention that my dear friend April has moved in with Mithra and I. She’s staying with us until she has a place of her own and living in the “bright room”. April has been one of my best friends for years, back into the misty high school years when I was called Jesus by nearly everyone, so she’s obviously wicked freaking awesome.

Tonight I decided to take advantage of a sale at Threadless, the finest t-shirt maker online. I’ve been longing for “A Room with a View” for ages and finally snagged one. If you want uncommonly inventive, ironic and beautiful shirts, Threadless is the place to go! And until the 15th the shirts are only $10.

Threadless tells me I’m 23.52 years old at the moment, which means I’m on the downward arch to 24. I expected to be a wandering hobo by this point, so I’d better get to work on that. Oh, to ride the rails!

I make it no secret that Ken Wilber is one of my heroes. He transcends and includes like no other and has been a tremendous inspiration in my growth over the past couple years. Now, his humour is one of his greatest weapons, as you can read in his blog.

So slurpee in hand, Wyatt Earpy rides on, undaunted and unfazed, although slowly putting on lead weight, but otherwise transcending and including more outlaws than any lawman dude type person in history. And when he dies, his posse will stand on the shoulders of his smiling corpse and carry on, transcending-and-including old Wyatt himself, in their own search for even more truth and goodness and beauty than even Wyatt could see, and they will succeed spectacularly, and thus it goes never-endingly.

Ken’s critics are often rather dim, so it was amusing to see him take some well-deserved shots at some of them so entertainingly in “What We Are, That We See“. Sometimes the “Einstein of Consciousness” needs to fire back, and I’m thrilled our beloved Wyatt Earp did it with such flare. Also, check out his feature article in What is Enlightenment magazine this month.

Speaking of showdowns, tomorrow is election day here in Nova Scotia, when the green-yellow NDP take on the blue-orange Cons while the orange-green Liberals complain because they aren’t popular and wish that polls were banned.

When I’m away from my own computer I often make use of Meebo, a chat client that you can run in any browser window. It makes it a lot easier to keep in touch via MSN, AIM, YIM, and ICQ when I’m not on Lunar using Trillian. Give it a try and message me sometime if you have my contact info (it’s not hard to find).

Sometimes shipping prices can be the biggest deterrent to buying something online. I was considering a stash card, but $60 with shipping is terrible when the original cost was $10.

If you haven’t yet, I recommend signing up for Consumating, the geekiest social networking site there is.

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