Monks to Thugs

As I’m waiting for my three cheese, tomato and red pepper pasta to be ready to eat, I suppose I should take the time to make an update. Just so you know, the pasta is smelling delicious. Tomato and red pepper soup adds punch to everything I’ve tried it with. Perogies were delicious with it as a sauce.

Speaking of good foods, I had a wonderful Indian meal at Multifest this past weekend. Multifest is Nova Scotia’s premiere multicultural festival and is held at Alderney Landing on the Dartmouth waterfront, meaning I had to take the ferry across the harbour for the first time in years, an overall pleasant experience.
I headed over with April, Sara and a couple of Sara’s friends I hadn’t met before. The fest was crowded and a bit overwhelming. Orange-robed Buddhist monks mingled in the crowd while a wide assortment of musical acts graced us with aural treats. Tents dedicated to a world of foods and cultural experiences dazled us with an impressive array of the world’s delights. It was a genuinely heartwarming, stomach-pleasing, ear-soothing, eye-catching affair. How have I been missing this most years? No more.
One amusing moment was Sara and I trying on Jamaican headdresses, as you can see in the image with this entry. The poor girl looking after that display must have thought us all insane, but it was good fun. Are we badass and totally hot? Absoluely.

My Threadless shirt arrived today and I had to show it off, of course. The design is just as sharp in the thread as on the site and I’m once again a happy customer.

A long while ago I submitted a entry to 25 Peeps, a site featuring photos of 25 bloggers at a time. Photos remain if they generate enough traffic to not fall to the bottom of the ranking. If you could do me the favour of clicking for me, I’d very much appreciate it (I’m the fellow with a blue hat and long red hair).

Thugs make me laugh, even as they posture and threaten me. Egocentrism combined with slow wits makes for laughs all around. Today I was downtown and crossing at a clearly marked crosswalk as I went from the library to a magazine shop to buy the new issue of What Is Enlightenment? (get the irony?) when a car squeeled to a stop. A would-be gangster yelled, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
I laughed loudly at the fellow and continued to cross as I should. “What you laughing at hippie?” came the angry yell. April and I walked on and the raging kid tried to get out of his car, only to have locked himself in. “You think this is funny, boy?” he boomed as I continued to walk on and chuckle.
“It’s a cross walk!” I called back, noticing he had finally figured out how to leave his car, which was parked in the middle of a busy street, holding up traffic. He was soon lost behind, but the laughs at his expense continued.
I can’t help but feel compassion for him, as angry and unhealthy as he was. I may not remember what it was like to be at that stage of development, but we were all there at one time and that’s important to remember. Did my laughter help, hinder or have no impact at all on him? I can’t rightly say, but I imagine it’s a better reaction than most others I could have chosen.

Last night I watched Lord Love a Duck with April. I have to admit that I’m still smitten with Tuesday Weld.

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  1. A tip to anyone wanting to be a thug: If you're going to get out of your car to kick someones ass, unlock the door first.

  2. A tip to anyone wanting to be a thug: If you're going to get out of your car to kick someones ass, unlock the door first.

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