Two Crows…

I’m wrapping up the last few hours before three days off from work. I’m looking forward to some time spent on the site redesign and a fancy dress board game party. It may involve corsets, so that’s especially exciting. Can’t you imagine how great I’ll look in one? Guests are still up in the air, so let me know if you’re available for either Monday or Tuesday.

Yesterday I got together with Sara, Jana, her friend Gwen and April at the mall near my home. It was nice to get out, eat candy and be social before work, especially with such a fine group. I swear I’ve been more social this past month than any in the past year. It’s a nice change from my hermit-like old ways.

What is the sound
of one hand slapping
your face
before your parents were born?

This week I received my copy of Stuart Davis‘ new album, ?What and haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Stuart is one of the finest song-writers out there, and incredibly fun to listen to, so I expected to be knocked off my feet. I was, and my head still rings from hitting the wall. I love this album, just as I love Bell, his previous release, because of his songcraft, wit, humour and overall presentation. An attack on rotten things like mythic silliness (“I am an antidote to New Age philosophy; I am epicac to this mythic caprophogy” in “Easter”), martyrdom, suicide, humourlessness, and division from divinity now and then add to the draw it has. Saul Williams’ contributions of a poem and backing on “Easter” are also highlights. Stuart is fantastic, a punk monk out to get people climbing up the spiral with some Dharma Pop.

I’ve been using April’s Nintendo DS and Brain Age. I’ve enjoyed both quite a lot and am looking forward to picking up a DSLite and the new Opera web browser for it. You’ll see me blogging everywhere then. Or at least playing some Metroid on the bus. Nintendo is impressing me tremendously and is bringing me back to being interested in owning a gaming system for the first time since I was a kid. Oh, and my brain age is now down to 33 and is undergoing a steady decline.

P.S. “Easter” may very well be my favourite song. Lyrical brilliance!

Somebody slap me
I can’t stop laughing
Suicide is back in fashion
All ascenders end up sinking
makes Love wonder
what fear’s thinking

Two crows
sit at your window
keeping a vigil over your widow
Two coins
drop in a casket
over your sockets
(bury that bastard)

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