Past and Future Ripples

I had a couple days off at the first of the week and was lucky enough to spend them with three of the most fantastic people I know.

Monday night April and I headed over to Gwen’s, where we were also joined by Jana for a night of watching Buffy, playing Scrabble, eating brownies and eventually degenerating into a risqu? cuddle fest. In the morning, over-sugared coffee and pancakes were a pleasant way to wake up. I did learn not to trust Jana with choosing how much sugar goes in my coffee.
Later Tuesday we reconvened at Jana’s place where April, Jana and I watched anime and ate sushi before Gwen arrived so that we could start watching some Doctor Who. I had missed the second season of series, so it was nice to catch up some. It has to be solid to have been the only television show in the past 5 years I’ve watched an entire season of.

Aside from those two days of pleasant times, I’ve been mostly scheming on a number of things and doing some reading.
April, Jana and I are looking into getting a four (or more) bedroom place for September, which would be wonderful. I’d be living with badass people, paying about half as much for rent and utilities and possibly living in a nicer location.
If that goes through it looks like my November plans will be much more viable. I’m currently strongly considering enrolling in an I-WET training session in Toronto during the first weekend of my vacation (November 4-5). I-WET stands for Integral Weekend Experiential Training and is a structured immersion into an ILP or Integral Life Practice. Now that I’m renewing my dedication to my practice, I feel it’s only fitting that I take that next plunge in a few months. I’d love to go with someone else, so let me know if you’d be interested in joining me.

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