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To keep myself focused on being fully engaged in my Integral Life Practice (ILP), I’ve decided to start afresh and write out the exercises I’m doing to map out my Practice. I’m very excited about this program and will be sharing my progress frequently here. I would encourage everyone to explore ILP, a truly exciting system for overall wellbeing. If you’d like to join in, you can order the ILP Starter Kit directly.

Following is my assessement of my current situation, including some gaps in my Practice.

Current Assessment:

Body – I maintain a healthy vegetarian diet, though I certainly want to increase my mindfulness and breadth of experimentation. I intend to introduce more fresh and raw foods to my diet. I can be rather lax when it comes to getting as much exercise as I would like. I infrequently do resistance training and yoga, though I do a fair amount of walking. This is an area I feel is an obvious place for improvement, because I do notice my procrastination and avoidance of the work that requires more commitment. The 3-Body Workout (not nearly as kinky as it sounds) and Focus Intensity Training both seem to be valuable additions to my routine of physical fitness.

Mind – I do a lot of reading on a wide range of topics and study when I am able to. I keep up with offerings from I-I projects such as Integral Naked and Integral Spiritual Center and am making my way through Ken Wilber’s books. Integral Framework or AQAL is a tool I use increasingly to remain mentally focused. I also try to keep my mind sharp through activities such as Brain Age and board games when I can. I hope to continue this aspect of my Practice and deepen my involvement as much as I can.

Spirit – I meditate several times each week in a rather unorganized fashion and practice a number of mindfulness exercises in every aspect of my life, from work to relationships. I would most like to have more consistancy in my meditation and to focus on one or two core techniques. I hope to incorporate Big Mind as a central part of this aspect of Practice.

Shadow: If there’s one aspect we could all use some work on, it’s our shadows or disowned psychological parts. I am becoming increasingly aware of my own shadow stuff and have begun some serious shadow work when I do notice shadow. Those dark, ugly, annoying things I notice need to be tidied up and embraced properly, and it’ll take a good deal of work, so I’d best keep on this. I need this to be a focus of my Practice, and the 3-2-1 Process is certainly going to be a part of this.

The four modules above are the essential parts of an ILP, but it also has auxilary modules that are optional but very valuable. I’ll run through some of my interests in these.

Ethics – I’ve been intuitively moving toward integral ethics for some time now, but with some guidance from IN dialogues I feel I’m able to start living with increasing ethical awareness. I would love to become more active in helping others in various ways and hope to find some avenues that will gel with the rest of my work.

Sex – I don’t have a regular romantic or sexual partner at the moment, so it’s a bit hard to judge where I am in this area. It figures that the one auxilary module I have the deepest interest in and take the most joy from would be the most difficult to practice. I do feel very compelled to explore more of practices such as Integral Sexual Yoga. How could I not want to know how to give great Godhead?

Work – I do my best to be mindful and engaged at work, though I am always challenged to do so. I’m also working on a project that I’m keeping quiet for now that would allow me to deeply integrate my work and Practice and that excites me a great deal.

Emotions – I tend to be fairly buoyant emotionally, but I would like to deepen my awareness of them. I wish to be more conscious of others’ emotions as well, and look forward to adding Tonglen to my meditation techniques once I become rooted in Practice. Some creative and expressive writing projects I’m working on will also be part of engaging my emotions and those of others.

Relationships – I do see a need to work more diligently on my relationships. Some neglect and unskillful communications have left me a bit disconnected with some people very dear to me, and that is a concern I’m always wanting to work with. I often allow my humour to go unchecked and let shadow slip in when I joke with some friends and I’ve recognized it bothers them. I intend to be more mindful of this specific bit of friction.

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  1. That's a hard one to explain. It's essentially purest divinity. So when we directly and intimately experience divinity (God, or whatever other face we might give it) we are in Godhead.

    Here I was just making a bad pun.

  2. That's a hard one to explain. It's essentially purest divinity. So when we directly and intimately experience divinity (God, or whatever other face we might give it) we are in Godhead.

    Here I was just making a bad pun.

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