I had a marvelous night at Gwen’s place tonight. She hosted an anime and food gathering of 8 of our friends, Jana, April, Nathan, Allison, Andrew, Sara and Pam. It turned out very well, with fantastic food and good times.

Allison made some very nice gumbo, while Gwen made delicious chocolate pudding cakes and banana nut loaf. My contribution was a variety of snacks, which came in handy during the preparation time.
When Sara arrived Gwen and I were in a chair making out, and she asked us how long we’d been “going out.” We’ve been seeing each other for a while, but pulled July 13th out of nowhere to be our day. I’ve really very happy and excited to be with Gwen; she’s been a joy to get to know. Witnessing her giddiness over Panda Go Panda was a highlight of the evening.
I was promised weekly sushi if I provide Gwen with a rice cooker, so that’s terribly exciting. She makes such delightful food and I’m ever so fond of sushi that it’s a deal I can’t resist.

In other happenings, it looks like I’ll be taking an online course in AJAX being offered by Sun. I studied computer science a few years ago at university, so I’m rusty, but I’m looking forward to exploring this emergent form.

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