A Grace and Grit Film?

Well, there’s big news for those of us hoping to spread Integral through the world. It looks like Ken Wilber’s Grace and Grit will be made into a feature film and include at least one big name. Jennifer Anniston has signed up to play Treya. Jennifer and Brad Pitt read Grace and Grit to each other while they were together.

What is most exciting about this isn’t the film itself, which may turn out to be a poor adaptation, but rather the increased mainstream exposure of the most important movement happening now. I’m passionately behind the Integral vision, and deeply believe that Treya’s story is so touching that it can move people toward Integral.
For more of the buzz, start with the entry from Ken’s blog. Fill in some more with “Jennifer Aniston to Star in Grace and Grit” and “Jennifer Aniston Getting Friendly With Ken Wilber“. Finally, scope ~C4Chaos’s post that includes speculation on who should play Ken. I’m not sure who to root for, but the Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp suggestions elsewhere are amusing.

Integral Institute is preparing to engage the world more deeply, and I can’t wait to be part of this great adventure and the more radiant future it may bring. With Integral Spirituality about to be released, Integral Spiritual Center now live, and so much more happening in the Integral world, I can’t help but taste the promise. I think it’s about time we wake people up to the leading edge. If you wish to learn of Integral, Integral Naked, the media hub, and A Theory of Everything, an introduction to Ken’s work, are fantastic places to start.

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