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A while ago my sister Ilea took a photo of me with a bottle of Jones Soda, the finest soft drink you can find. Against my cringing disapproval, she posted it online. If you’re ready to see me grinning in a deranged way, look here.

This is shaping up to be a hectic month, filled with nebulous change. April, Jana and I are in the midst of looking for a place to live for September 1st, I’m making an attempt to sublet my current one bedroom apartment, it’s peak season at work (and I begin training someone new tonight), and through all this I’m trying to spend time with Gwen and my friends and work on some personal projects.
One of those personal projects will be getting around to making a new layout for that has been delayed for months now. I’ve been terribly neglectful of that and my presence online in general for too long and I hope to reconnect in a number of ways soon.

With the Middle East ever more aflame with bitter conflict, it feels deeply troubling to me that few are calling for work to be done to raise the consciousness of the societies involved. While there are a large number of factors at play in these conflicts, it seems clear that much is connected with people on all sides acting from an ethnocentric level of development. Finding ways to encourage and make easier the transition from ethnocentric to worldcentric (and then on to higher levels) is the most fundamentally beneficial endevour we can undertake to create lasting peace and prosperity, whether in the Middle East, here in the Americas or anywhere. The level of consciousness we act from determines so very much that we should always strive to raise it. Over at Integral Awakening, Ryan has posted a piece that goes further into this issue than I have the time to give, so please take in “re: A Lament Over Lebanon“.

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