Autumnal Stirrings

Autumn has crept into Halifax and I’ve been caught up in the enchantment of this season. Nothing explodes in cries of romance quite like the crisp air and changing leaves. The crunching of the dry ones beneath my feet thrills me and the orange edges seeping onto the trees has me seduced. Take me to the woods!

It wasn’t autumnal seduction that kept me from you, web-bound lovers, I swear. Work for 12 of 14 days has left me little time beyond errands, upkeep and some socialization. Spending time with fantastic people, primarily my roommates and Gwen, has been a blessing. Dripping blood from gashes caused by my cat has been painfully not. I haven’t forgotten you, but I’m still sorry for my absense.

I’m a big fan of open WiFi for many reasons. It was a godsend in the time when I did not have an internet connection at home and should increasingly make our lives more convenient as it becomes more prevalent. FON is one promising global project for sharing WiFi connections; it allows for both private and controlled public access and offers $5 routers through a fair subsidisation program (non-members can pay for day passes on the network). It may not be wifi blimps or a Google WiFi mesh, but it’s a program I fully intend to take part in.

I’ve been meaning to mention Everfree, the latest book by Nick Sagan that I read before the 50 Mile Yard Sale weekend. Part of a trilogy with Idlewild and Edenborn, it’s masterful post-apocalyptic sci-fi that explores approaches to rebuilding civilization through a completely engaging and exciting story. It’s the first sci-fi book I’ve read this year that I was deeply impressed by.
I was struck by the prevalence of quadrant-centric (see AQAL) approaches to creating utopias, whether it was drugging a populace (upper right) or creating social directives (lower left), as well as a number of other dynamics that I’ve been especially interested in. I appreciated his recognition of the fragmentation partial answers bring, though would have liked to have read a broader understanding. I believe we need more writers sneaking some of these problems of partial solutions into our awareness, and Sagan seems to be especially good at this.

When I have some free time I’m hoping to get to work on some crafting. I have a t-shirt blanket and a collaged suitcase planned, both proper nomad items. Do any of you have suggestions for things I could make that would match my wanderlusting heart?

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