For Each Bookworm, Headphone Junkie and Story Drinker

I’ve been consuming books, albums and films at a rapid pace lately and enjoying some luminous works. Here are some snippets about some that I especially loved.

I’ve read a number of Ken Wilber’s books this month, but One Taste, a collection of journal entries, resonated with me most. Ken Wilber has created a philosophical framework that includes more truth than any other in history and is, I believe, the most important thinker of our time. You get a dose of his unparalleled cognitive brilliance in One Taste, but also are exposed to a highly realized spiritual practictioner, an art aficionado, a lover and much more as you step inside Ken’s head. One Taste is a beautiful, intimate and radiant expression.

I’ve become an admirer of Saul Williams through his talks at Integral Naked, his brilliant hip hop and mind-blowing poetry. Strangely, it took me a long while to finally see his breakout performance in the film Slam. Though it was overall a great movie, it was Saul’s performance that absolutely gripped me, pulling me deep into the heady mix of hip hop, crime and mysticism. A hip hop film with the assertion, “I am before, I am before before. Before death is eternity, after death is eternity, there is no death – there is only eternity,” couldn’t have been more surprising or more right.

Conscious and mystic hip hop also buzzed on my headphones with K-Os’ new release, Atlantis: Hymns for Disco. More introspective, rich beated and lyrically impressive than his first two, this album immediately seduced me. Appearances by Buck 65, Sam Roberts and Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene) are also a treat. I think it’s safe to say that K-Os has cemented himself at the forefront of the hip hop world, and it’s hearting to have some “Knowledge of Self” pulling folks up.

To be continued…

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