Masquerades & Farewells

Friday I went with Gwen for her birthday dinner at her parents’ place. It was nice to meet some more of her family and have an enjoyable meal with them, but there was always the loom of her father being near to passing. That night I gave Gwen her gift, a panda t-shirt from Threadless (incidentally, Threadless is having a $10 sale on shirts right now).

Sunday night my roommates and I hosted a party that was a cross between a Hallowe’en, birthday and going away party. Andrew and Allison will soon be moving to Edmonton this week, so we needed to have one last bash with them. Gwen’s birthday was, of course, just before that and several others have birthdays soon. Costumes and Hallowe’en are wonderfully fun, so it made sense to include those.
We had a really nice time, once again with great food and good people, including a trio of tipsy lasses. Nathan came as a pirate, Andrew as a guy with a sword, Allison as a Greek woman, Sara as Catwoman, Pam as a hot goth girl, Gwen as a sexy panda, Jana as Audrey Hepburn (!?), April as 80s Girl, Robin as herself (!?) and myself as a star wizard.

This morning, not long after Gwen left, I received a sobbing call from her. Her father had passed in the night and her brother met her at work to let her know. I’ve watched her struggle with him dying and know it’s been terribly hard on her. I hope I’ll be able to be there for her as much as possible and have her on my mind constantly.

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