A Connected & Dapper Nomad

I’m slowly but surely putting together an efficient and stylish set of wear and devices that will allow me to be ready for nomading. A beautiful suitcase may be the most noticable (BTW, Brian Wood, writer of Demo, made a blog entry about my suitcase), but I’ve also added some other things to the array recently.

One cheap (I found some for $15), but terribly useful gadget I picked up was a set of Skullcandy Link headphones. The headphones plug into both a cell phone and any MP3 or CD player, giving control over volume and answering calls through the headset. I often enjoy walks with music, binaural beats, or dialogs, and it’s nice to have the option of hearing any incoming call and answering the call without having to search my pockets or bag for my phone. The earbuds I got sound quite good and are stylishly adorned with skulls.

On the topic of phones, I recently switched to a Virgin and a Samsung a640, a smooth, slim and efficient phone. It’s definitely a step up from what I had with Telus, and there’ll be no looking back for me.

For a long while now I haven’t worn a watch, mostly because I didn’t have a strap for my ElfQuest Now watch. Feeling I really should have a watch sometimes, I finally ordered a replacement from PixelGirlShop, a leather and metal band from Marty Flint to go with my wide cuff and photo cuff.
I’m reminded I need to fill my photo cuff with shots from a photo shoot some months ago.

What’s in the future for what I’ll have on me? I have plans to create a travel blanket made from old t-shirts, a laptop sleeve from an old pair of jeans and a hollow book. I’m waiting for a fantastic piece of outerwear based on a sci-fi classic to go on sale.

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