Freedom Has No History

Often times spiritual teachers go soft on readers and students, with an obviously limiting green flavouring. Last night I read Andrew Cohen‘s Freedom Has No History: A Call to Awaken, and was thrilled to find a no-holds-barred presentation of the path of enlightenment. If you want genuine and absolute Freedom, you need genuine and absolute dedication to the tremendous surrender involved in discovering it, and Andrew pulls no punches in sharing his insights. Putting responsibility for evolution and enlightenment directly in our hands is so refreshing; as much as outside factors may influence us, we can not unfold with swiftness and grace without true, unwavering commitment to evolution.

The presentation of the book is a bit dry, especially compared with his recent blog entries, but what it lacks in style it more than makes up for in content and directness. For more on Andrew’s improved communication, check out ~C4Chaos‘ “Andrew Cohen On Enlightenment“.

Andrew Cohen is also the editor of my favourite magazine, What is Enlightenment, author of numerous books and a frequent contributor to Integral Naked.

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