A Few Threads

The watch strap I mentioned last week has arrived, and it feels nice and solid on my wrist. It’ll take some time for me to getused to having a timepiece on my arm again, but I think I’ll enjoy it. Thanks to PixelGirlShop!

I battled a cold this week and have managed to exorcize it. It always feels great to be on the other side of an illness, even a short-lived one.

Threadless is one of my favourite places to get new shirts, but the folks who vote on the designs frustrate me often. The stellar designs often don’t make the cut when it comes to shoppers’ votes, and I’m left looking back at some wonderful shirts that will not be made. I’ve found some real gems, though, and look forward to each week’s new releases.

If I ever doubted my status as a geek, I can be sure now. I’ve been mentioned over at comic blog Newsarama because of my Demo suitcase.

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