“Hear the Snow Crunch”

Winter fell into us like lightning to the snow. As I walked beneath snow-coated trees that first night I relished the feeling of otherness, aware of but not distracted by the unending line of cars. Light flashed now and then, likely street lamps, but seemingly electicity falling through the thick snow.

I walked open to the white fall, my awareness on the overall space. Every limb, motor, walker and flake adding texture to the cascade of footfalling moments. Clumps of snow would explode into my head from the trees, small bursts of powder sticking to my hood.
I arrived to the warmth of my lover’s home with a residue of wonder and melted ice.

Yes, winter is here, much to my initial dismay. It has its magical moments, but when I try to leave my home only to find my door is frozen shut, and I must pry it open, I curse winter. Winter can cocoon us all too quickly, physically and spiritually.

My birthday comes up quickly once Winter hits. This Sunday will be the day I tick over into 24. My parents will be coming into the city during the weekend and then the night of my birthday I plan to go see The Fountain with some friends. Any of you are welcome to come along, see the best film of the year (I downloaded it first and was blown away; I’ll write about it in full after seeing it again.), and help me celebrate.

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