At 24

I’m 24 years old. As years tick on like this, the numbers fade out in favour of greater milestones. Go back a year and you’d see a less realized me, and each year back the leaps are always obvious. But this past year has been tremendous for me. I’m ever more transparent, and it’s truly a blessing.

The coming Christmas holidays have been a bit frustrating to plan for. Because of a recent firing at work I’ll be stuck working 16 hours on Christmas Day, among other changes to my schedule, leaving me with only a couple days to spend at home with my parents and not the ones I had been hoping for. It left me rather disgruntled, I’ll admit.

But overall my life is going well, and I have some secret, life-altering plans I’ll be revealing in the new year, once more is in place for them. It’s nice to have a pleasantly drastic change on the way, but a bit frustrating to have to be silent about them for now. I’ll give you one hint, though.

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