Drawing In

The options available for conscious evolution are always expanding, but the timelessness of I AMness still overarches everything. We can hack our bodies, enhance our brains’ function, explore the cosmos, and form communities of great span, but if we are not doing these as expressions of our divinity, we aren’t living at the edge of our potential and giving all of our selves. Boundless creativity, love and freedom sit on that cusp where we surrender to evolution, and yet we always hide away in limiting knots of false self. I have tastes of that absolute and infinite opening quite often, but I’m always pulling away and limiting how I live.

I’m emerging from a couple weeks of noticable contraction. I became caught up in some very real challenges and let my various practices slip. I’ve recognized a pattern I have fallen into lately of not setting aside time for solitary work that I deeply need to be focusing on. Things as basic as meditating daily and having a few hours of walking each week have vanished. It has even manifested as a lingering tiredness that is very frustrating.
Work, financial strain and relationship commitments have been the biggest focuses of my energy lately. As much as I enjoy and appreciate spending time with those close to me, I know I haven’t made adequate use of time for my own development and the work I need to do. I’ll have to do some juggling to have everything fall into place.

As I mentioned in my Project 365 entry for day 4, my newest Threadless shirt arrived this week. It’s one of my all time favourite designs they’ve printed and looks even better on a shirt than it did on screen.

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