Jakalope and Other Oddities

How did I forget about Jakalope? I recently discovered their second album and have been listening to it every day since. Supreme pop-industrial, they’re a Canadian act that has stayed strangely under the radar lately. I haven’t been able to keep the songs on Born 4 out of my head, and it’s been a delightful, sexy haunting.

In a massive burst of love, I think we need to form a Hug Shirt network.

The Hug Shirt is a shirt that makes people send hugs over distance! Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel the strength of the touch, the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate of the sender and actuators that recreate the sensation of touch, warmth and emotion of the hug to the shirt of the distant loved one.

There are many of you dear to me that I miss hugging or have never hugged, and this would be a wonderful way to add a touch of the physical to our connections over distance. Technology can facilitate communion so very nicely. Thanks to ~C4Chaos for another much appreciated pointing!

De-lurk! Via Veerle, I’ve discovered the de-lurking campaign.

[Lurking] is used for people that read blogs or join chat rooms or newsgroups and don’t participate in commenting. The readers that just look around because they don’t have anything to add to the discussion or because it’s already been said.
Veerle, “No more lurking!

I invite you all to make yourselves known here and at other blogs. There’s a lot to be gained by knowing who reads these missives, so I hope you’ll de-lurk.

I think there has long been little doubt of my bookwormhood, but I took it over the top last night. The highlight of my night was discovering book darts. I’ve never had a reliable way to mark a line I was on when ending a reading session, but always wanted one. After having book darts lauded by a new friend of mine, I immediately ordered a package. They should be great for noting important passages I wish to return to. Something must bridge the gap until my entire library can be digital and accessable with Google Notebook.

Sunday I went for my first hike in a number of weeks. I looked around online for some recommendations for local spots and decided on Long Lake Park. Thinking I understood and remembered the directions well enough, I set out from my home and out St. Margaret’s Bay Road on foot. I made it as far as Chain Lake reservoir, and thought I’d made a mistake. I wandered around that area for a time and then headed home. Checking a map later I realized I could have walked a minute further and have found myself at the park. That will be a destination the next chance I have.

43 Things, my favourite to-do site, has introduced personal challenges as a way to get us serious about our goals. By creating a personal challenge, we are forming a public pact to finish a goal in a set timeframe and naming a personal punishment if we fail. I selected take a photo every day as my personal challenge and have pledged to pose naked for Project 365 if I fail. So if I miss a day between now and the end of the month, I will have to bare all for you.

And now I’ll end by letting you know that I’m more yang than yin.

Creative, Angry
Spring, Summer
Morning, Sun
Space, Active

Blance is fine, but having that and being skillful with extremes is far more playful.

I’m heading for the loft.

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  1. […] My namesake, Apollo, “has undiminished Beauty and Virility. You name it, he has it. Thoroughly sickening to us mere mortals.” That’s according to Godchecker, a hilarious mythological encyclopedia that makes light of gods and saints while also being informative. It’s a fun spot to peek around if you’re a bit of a myth geek like myself.How did it take me so long to discover book darts? I’ve had a package of 100 for a week or so now and I can’t imagine how I enjoyed non-fiction without them. Being able to mark specific passages and lines without damaging or marking a book at all is a godsend! And the copper arrows are so striking and classy looking. I’m soon to dive into Integral Spirituality, and I know I’ll want to be returning to various parts of it once I’m done, as is the case with any book by Ken Wilber. I’ll be even more thankful for the book darts soon. […]

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