International Dress-Up Day

Gala of has conjured a dramatic new day, one bringing dress-up out from its usual hiding spots of childhood, stage, diplomacy and Hallowe’en and showcasing it with a theme. Who better to lead the way with a tagline of “dress up, leave a false name, be legendary“?

The first annual International Dress-Up Day will have us dressing as our favourite songs. This leaves me in a challenging spot, as I have a terrible time selecting one favourite song. I’ll likely have to settle for picking one of my favourites that I can come up with a suitable visual representation for.

Tomorrow is the day to become a song. Until then you can whet your appetite for dressing up by taking in the gems at GalaDarling. Meanwhile, I’ll be weighing the possibilities to come from “They Stood Up For Love“, “Where the River Flows” and “No Cities Left“.

Oh, and be sure to let Gala help with your next party by checking out How To Throw A Fantastic Party.

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  1. […] Saturday was Gala’s International Dress Up Day and I scrabled to get a look together for the Live song “They Stood Up For Love“, as the theme was “dress up as your favourite song”, and that’s the one I picked. I didn’t have a lot of time as I worked in the evening, had worked into the morning and had to fit sleep and errands into the mix. For a half hour effort, it turned out fair, but next time I’ll do some more preparation. […]

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