Integral Spirituality

Integral Spirituality: A Startling New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World is the most important book on spirituality of our times. It offers religious people a way to revitalize their religions and put them into service of divinity and evolution, becoming beacons of human development and defenders of all stations of life. To do this, the religions have to step up and address the brutal and unaddressed critiques of the modern and post-modern eras.

In Integral Spirituality Ken Wilber presents an integral vision that includes a vast range of truths from all major disciplines, including science, psychology, sociology, systems theory and spirituality. In order to be as credible as other disciplines, he calls on religions to give up their untestable metaphysics and instead subject any claims to Integral Post-metaphysics. Source of Miracles summarizes the approach nicely in a review of the book.

Integral Post-metaphysics holds all knowledge to a higher standard. Ken mentions three criteria for “good knowledge”:
1) Injunction – Experiment: “if you want to know this, do this”.
2) Experience – tuition, awareness: you experience the phenomena
3) A communal confirmation/rejection: Check with others who have completed the first two steps.

Metaphysics: I tell you anything with Zero proof. — I had an Out of body experience. Out of Body experience is the path to God –

Integral Post-metaphysics: I tell you information how I got it and how you can go get it. – I(L/5) had an Out of body experience (S/s). Out of Body experience is the path to God (p-3). By entering the hypnogagic state (S/g), you can have an out of body experience. Your results may vary. For example, some people feel that out of body experience feels more like they are Remote Viewing (S/s) or Lucid dreaming (S/s) so the term OBE maybe an inappropriate term, however many people describe it at feeling like it is indeed “out of the body”.

Beyond this, Ken explains how religions can be vital in guiding us through stages of development (see Holons’ altitutes) and embrace every station of life. Ken’s compelling presentation unfolds a shocking danger of our current situation and a heartening hope. Over half of the world’s population are at the ethnocentric or lower stage of development; bluntly, we’re surrounded by Nazis. He continues to outline how the world’s religions are specially equipped to facilitate growth beyond into world-centric and higher stages. The religions are called to offer a salvation that follows up toward divinity with grace.

If religion lives up to its promise as being that endeavor in humanity that allows Spirit to speak through it, and Spirit is indeed evolving in its own manifestation, then religion becomes a conveyor belt for humanity, carrying it from the childhood productions of Spirit to the adolescent productions of Spirit to the adult productions of Spirit … and beyond that into the great tomorrow of Spirit’s continuing display.

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new man, it’s a new woman. The new human is integral, and so is the spirituality.

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that my greatest inspiration is coming from the integral movement and Ken Wilber, a man I have no doubt is the greatest philospher we have. Ken and his fellows at Integral Institute are doing vital work to bring greater integral — “inclusive, balanced, comprehensive” — understanding and practices into our world. This work is giving me hope for our future in the midst of the fragmentation, stagnation and incompetence of most approaches — pre-modern, modern and post-modern included — used today. If we are to defend and evolve the leaps Spirit in action has made, we need to heed the call for a move to integral.

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