Questions and Relections VI

Like most people, I take far less care to limit my harmful impact on the world than I should. There are so many tiny steps I could take to improve my interaction with our enviroment, but I’ve been a bit slow in adopting better practices.
That said, I do act to create less harm in my daily life. I am making efforts to I try to buy items that are less harmful than others, especially in packaging. I’ve chosen to only use public transportation when at all possible. I am a vegetarian in large part because it has less negative impact on the environment than a meat-heavy diet. I try to consume or collect as little physical junk as possible. Overall I think I do well, even with a lot of room to improve.

What is your most vivid memory of nature?
After a good deal of time thinking about this, I was able to narrow down to one memory. There were a lot competing, though; The Rockies, California redwoods, Niagra Falls, a beautiful, gnarled tree in the woods behind my parents’ place and rocky shores have all provided moments of genuine splendor. I have to consider myself blessed with much intimacy with nature.
My most vivid memory has to be an afternoon I spent with Ashley in 2003. We went for a walk down a woods road and then descended down a wooded hill toward a brook. I remember the greens being incredibly vibrant that day, the moss especially full of textures and the sound of the brook was a chorus. Spending time with someone I love in an unspoiled piece of nature seems to make me connect with it in a way that burns the moments into my memory.
If there’s one place in nature I have inextricably rooted in my memories, it’s Point Pleasant Park. I’ve spent wonderful times there with many of the people I love most and profound moments alone in stillnes there, all of which makes it a sacred place for me. Just this past Friday I was lucky enough to visit there again and form some fresh memories.

What’s your relationship to the Earth?
The Earth and I are very close and I couldn’t live without her. At least not until I can make a trip to Earth 2 #1. Thinking of the whole Earth is daunting. Beautiful, alive, endlessly mysterious and home to all I know, my relationship to Earth might as well by my relationship to existance. I feel a deep sense of responsibility, awe, and wonder toward all of this, and am compelled to be in service of all the aspects of this orb, from physiosphere to theosphere.

You have nothing to lose. Now what?
With no money, no job and no prospects on the horizon I imagine I’d first have to shake off the shock and horror of that and, having dusted myself off, find myself a nice monastery. I’ve long been facinated by the ascetic life, but have felt my place lies elsewhere. However, if I found myself without a means to support myself I would want to contribute and develop myself in some manner. Taking the leap into monkhood, I believe I would be able to do this.

What do you love most about yourself?
I most appreciate my ability to adapt and evolve. Being able to embrace change with equanimity and having the resourcefulness to respond to new situations is immensely rewarding. I can’t imagine how I survived when I was paralyzed by change and adversity, but there was a time when I was overwhelmed. Now it’s all a dance of whatnows and ohthismightbefuns.

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