Spherical Speaker Array

I’m trying to clear out some clutter from my loft and one of the offenders is a collection of speakers. I now have some very nice floor speakers in use but 6 speakers and a subwoofer remain stored in my loft. They take up a lot more space than I would like, so I’m going to use them to create a spherical speaker array.

The spherical setup is based on the Hemisphere concept, which usually sells for $600 USD.

The speaker array is intended to imitate the way sound comes from acoustic instruments. “Acoustic instruments radiate sound in a wonderfully complex, 360 degree fashion, while conventional loudspeakers radiate in a much more boring, spotlight of sound.” While this setup may not be ideal as a standalone speaker system, I’m thinking a hanging sphere will compliment the stereo layout I have now. At any rate, I need to get rid of the speaker housing I have now, as it takes up way more space than I’d like.

I’ve been bouncing ideas off a couple friends in regards to this project and it’s looking like I just need to pick up proper bowls, speaker terminals, a rotary tool, some miscellaneous hardware, and a soldering iron. In a week I should be rushing headlong into a junk-reducing project, and I can’t wait.

If only all my junk-related puzzles could be so elegantly solved.

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