Left or Right, You’re Partial

I just received an e-mail from Integral Institute on politics that would have brought up aversion immediately for me a couple years ago but that now rings true. With a subject line of “If you are Left, or Right, you are partial. Here’s what to do about it….” I’m sure you can see why someone who has come out of a strong Left stance would be jarred.
If you are Left, or Right, you are fragmented and partial. Sound obnoxious? We hope not, but please find out for yourself.
Ken Wilber is the most widely recognized integral philosopher of our times, with both Presidents and Vice-Presidents praising his work. At this time of a fragmented world possessing nothing but fragmented political parties, Ken has outlined a brilliant path to a fully Integral Politics.
This essay includes giving the first truly workable definition of Left and Right—and then, even more importantly, a way to actually integrate them both. This is no watered-down Third Way, but a path that transcends and includes most political polarities (and parties) in a way thought to be impossible. Once you “get” Integral Politics, you’ll never be able to go back. Want to find out? Please join us in this extraordinary piece of political writing…. This is a major statement by the world’s leading Integral thinker, and is marked by Ken’s characteristic wit, luminosity, and poetic style.

What all this is pointing to is “Integral Politics—A Summary of Its Essential Ingredients,” a post in Ken Wilber‘s blog from April. His presentation of politics is elegant, practical and strong, giving us a way to clearly understand politics and then to solve many of the problems we face. When we understand interior and exterior, agency and communion, altitudes of development and the simple, clear AQAL map, we are in possession of a wonderful new set of abilities that allow us to carry all the positive aspects of Left and Right, leaving behind the smallness of both. We transcend and include the fractured pieces and become more whole, more loving and more capable. And our very future depends on embracing Integral Politics; the day for fragmentation has passed.

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