Is it the ultimate expression of egoic tendencies? A brilliant non-dual project that removes the line between self and other? Or just postmodern art being the absurd beast it is?

Whatever the verdict, SelfKiss is beautiful, in a “disturbingly erotic” manner. I came across this via SexyRSS, where the experience is described as follows:

Odd, very odd. Photoshopped pictures of various people made to look like they’re kissing themselves. I don’t know why that feels so strange to look at.

This uneasiness seems to be very common, with Hypnogogic echoing the sentiment:

Nope, these aren’t twins. Some are autoerotic, in the truest sense of the word, others are just visually fascinating, the remainder produce confusing feelings that I can’t express.

Translated from the original French, the introduction to the project may shed some light on the original intent:

The marvelous thing about a photo is that it captures a look, a gesture, an instant, a fleeting reality from which emotion springs. However, what is presented here does not exist, has never existed, and will never exist. But this technique puts us there, in front, like a tightrope walker on his rope, in an unstable balance between I believe it and I don’t believe it.
These instants were invented by Pupsam. And yet, indeed, this is a record of real events (reportage), since long searches and deep internal journeys were necessary to arrive here:
Starting from one consenting individual, imagine together his encounter with himself (not another, but his double), to create a couple that will embrace each other, then trace their posture, the spark in their eyes, and finally the abandon to the other that is me, to make visible the impossible kiss, monstrously shameless. And so? moments that are desired, dreamed, hidden at the bottom of us, denied… taboo! Perhaps the fleeting reality from which trouble springs.

I didn’t feel as much uneasiness as many who have commented on the series, but it is there, mixed with eroticism. A lot of questions arise when I reflect on this. What is your reaction to this?

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  1. See, this is just further proof that I am half blind and totally oblivious. I looked at those photos and saw nothing at all odd about them. I simply assumed they were lesbian kisses, and thus didn't see anything peculiar. Even now, knowing what they are, I see it as a clever use of photoshop, and not something bizarre.

  2. It's like two parts of one mind coming together in a way they were never quite meant to. On a philosophical level I find it quite fascinating. To some degree we're all concerned about how we appear to other people. Do they think we're smart, well-dressed, sexy? The idea of seeing ourselves, or kissing ourselves through our own eyes, yet as a separate entity. . .

    I suppose it begs the question of can we ever truly love or even know ourselves?

    And no, like Gwen, I didn't find the pictures the least bit disturbing. Although, I will admit I thought they were twins at first. I love the contrast between the seductive half and the startled, freaked out half in the second picture. It's a marvelous piece of photoshop work.

  3. In my own special way, I hadn't realised these kisses were between the same person. Which I suppose says something about the facial expressions, since I thought that they were two completely separate girls…

    The alter ego is always a fun thing to explore through art, and this is a neat way to do so.

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