Taking Momentos Digital

Lately I’ve been undertaking a project of digitally cataloging my mementos in order to unclutter my life. I’ve been slowly moving into a more minimal mode of living for a long while now, but some items without use are still taking up space in my loft. I’ve heeded some advice from LifeHacker to catalog mementos with my digital camera and then throw them out. It was a weekend project that I’ve broken up into smaller sessions of decluttering.

It feels surprisingly good to be free of items that I had kept for years out of some attachment to their memory inducing quality. A photograph will not hold the same tactile, aromatic and other sensory cues, but that’s something I’m willing to give up. As wonderful as my memories are, a future of mobility and simplicity is far more appealing.

If you’d like some advice for undertaking a project like this, I recommend “Photographing Your Mementos.” I would add that using Picasa is an ideal way to organize, store and view your photos from this digitization.

Would you believe I had a ton of pens kicking around for the sake of memory? These three are ones I wanted to remember.

The silver one is from a job shadowing program I participated in while I was in high school. It was at an insurance company and I was following a computer programmer as he worked on Y2K problems. Somehow this didn’t deter me from entering the computer science program at university a couple years later.

The second is a pen I borrowed from my friend Sascha during high school. He was a true pen connoisseur and years later this pen still writes beautifully.

The final pen was given to me by the first girl I truly fell in love with. Ashley gave me this when she visited me for the first time

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