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For a year now the framework I’ve used in improving my life has been Integral Life Practice , I-I‘s concise personal development platform. I love the inclusiveness ILP provides by meshing various practices into a path that allows us to improve our lives in every dimension. Integral theory gave me the gift of understanding the world in a more complete way and Integral Life Practice gave me the gift of living more fully, growing more healthfully and making evolution a daily mission.

I am always happy to share ILP with others, but the brilliant and media-rich Integral Life Practice Starter Kit can be cost-prohibitive. Thus, I was thrilled when Zaadz, my favourite social networking change-engine, introduced a free offer in conjunction with I-I that gives you a free taste of ILP. C4Chaos gave the heads up to non-Zaadzsters in his “I-I + Zaadz = Free ILP Stuff” and pointed to the free offering of the opening chapters from the upcoming Integral Life Practice book. So don’t wait any longer, follow on to grab free ILP chapters.

Integral Life Practice will heal the fragmentation in your life, so that your practices work together. It offers greater balance, harmony, and inclusiveness through what you are already doing. Not only will you deepen your current practices, you will find new ones to complement your path — and integrate them into a single experience. And that allows you to better be the change you want to see in the world.
Your LIFE is your practice. Learn how to make it an integral one.

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