Questions and Reflections XI

I come from the only Source, from Spirit. But I also come from a small rural community called Dean, where Lemmon Hill can be found. My roots are deep there amid the maples, along the road flanked by my family’s homes and in so many favourite haunts. I was formed there and imbued with the life and love that I am endlessly thankful for.

Where are you going?
I am going beyond and beyond beyond. I’m leaving myself behind sometimes, but most often still wrapped up in what I think is me. I’m going into the mystery, the only place to find freedom.

Share a piece of art that’s moved you recently.
I was deeply touched this week by a sketch that was posted over at Craig Thompson’s blog. “Her tears intertwining with my veins” gave me goosebumps. Craig is one of my favourite comics creators and he has a gift of depicting tenderness and beauty. I am always urging everyone to read his masterpiece, Blankets.

Pick three words that describe you as you are right now.
I’m ambitious, spacious, and smooth.

Where do you feel most yourself?
I feel most myself when I am intimate with other people. In the context of intimacy all my flaws and strengths come into clearer light and I can more easily see the contractions that hold back who I am.

Pick one of your weaknesses and imagine it as a strength.
My stubbornness is one of my greatest weaknesses, but it also manifests in an unwavering dedication that can be a tremendous strength. Yes, I can sometimes pursue a goal long after I should have let it pass, but I’ve also endured slings and arrows and been rewarded in ways I never could have imagined.

Recommend something you love to the community.
Travellers and Magicians is a film I’ve loved since I first saw it in theatres. It’s a visual delight and the two stories it tells are simple but moving. The film was directed by Buddhist lama and showcases a uniquely Bhutanese experience.

What’s the greatest compliment someone could give you?
If you want to stroke my ego, just tell me I bring you joy.

Tell us about something you loved as a child.
I loved books when I was a child. I would fly through book after book each day, eating up various genres like mad. The Bookmobile, a portable library, was my weekly descent of heaven as I read every Tintin and Asterix, every Choose Your Own Adventure and countless other treasures.

What was the longest day of your life?
The longest days of my life have all been ones I spent witnessing people I love suffering. Whether it was a medical emergency, the loss of someone they loved or some other hardship, it is in that empathic space where we feel the pain of others that days stretch unbearably long for me.

If you could learn a new instrument, what would you choose?
As much as I love guitars, violins, cellos and other traditional instruments, I think I would most like to master turntables. I’ve been lucky enough to hear some master turntablists and I think the range they have to play with must be delightful.

Share one of your own peak experiences.
One recurring peak experience I have takes place during writing. When in the flow of writing–a fairly rare state–I feel a sense of spaciousness and detachment from the process, as through I am witnessing the writing happening and not caught up in it as I usually would be. This usually happens when I have pushed myself to some limit, physical or mental, and produces the work I am most content with.

What does security mean to you?
My personal security isn’t something I think of often. I suppose I feel secure when I have a modest cushion of money in the bank and some sense of what will be happening in the near future. Beyond that I’m not usually thinking of security, having a propensity for reveling in change and mystery.

What’s your morning routine?
In the morning I’m usually returning from work, eating and then going to sleep. My routine of waking up, however, usually consists of a quick read through news articles in Google Reader while in bed, breakfast, resisitance training, a quick shower and shave, and then getting dressed.

When was the last time you were surprised?
There’s an endless supply of small surprises in life, but I can’t seem to recall the last major surprise in my life. It may be that I live a rather predictable, boring and stubborn life, but it is the case that really jarring surprises seem to have avoided me lately.

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