Gone Gutsy Gibbon

Today the newest version of Ubuntu, my operating system of choice, was released. Codenamed Gutsy Gibbon, it’s the most beautiful, polished and accessible OS I’ve used. What is Ubuntu? Simply put, it’s an open source operating system (think a replacement for Windows or OS X) that is shaped by a desire for a free, easy to use and robust environment to work, play and live with.

I switched from Windows a couple years ago and haven’t looked back. Ubuntu is better in all the ways that matter to me, and it’s entirely free. Millions of us across the world happily use Ubuntu daily for all our computing needs and breathe easier to be free of the confines of Apple and Microsoft products that just can’t compare to the software produced by the vast open source community.

Applications for Ubuntu (and Linux in general) are of tremendous quality and are usually freely, quickly and easily available. In fact, if something I need to do isn’t available with Ubuntu out of the box, a few clicks and a couple minutes with have the program I need running. The ease of use is above and beyond anything in the proprietary software market.

Many folk have picked up on the wonders of Ubuntu lately. Wired champions it as accessible, while Boing Boing calls it “easy, sexy“. There even arises a degree of OS jealousy when many Windows and Mac users see just how slick Ubuntu is. The good news is that all it takes to get Ubuntu up and running on your computer is one CD (either downloaded or ordered by mail), and you can even try it out before doing anything at all permanent to your computer. Or you could buy a computer with Ubuntu installed from Dell.

Did I mention it’s beautiful? Take a look at some of what can be done for eye candy:

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