Poe has been lying low in recent years – her last release, Haunted, was in 2000 – but has launched a new project at Repoezessed collecting recorded accounts of dreams, presumably for inclusion on a new album. The site asks for submissions of MP3s containing spoken accounts of contributors’ dreams with the prompt, “I had a dream that…”.

Poe has a history of including spoken recordings in her music. Haunted was a themed album made with recordings of her late father, Tad Danielewski. Haunted was a powerful and moving album and owed much to Poe’s skillful use of these recordings. Because of this precedence and my deep admiration of Poe in general, I’m very excited to see what she’s up to.

Above is the video for Poe’s first hit, “Hello”. Poe’s most recent released works are five tracks that can be found on the first two Conjure One albums. <a HREF=””> Widgets</a>

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