Lifelogging and Meditation

Lifelogging provides an effective way to objectify pieces of our lives, and when it is used in the service of subjective practices like meditation it gets really juicy. Equanimity Project works at the convergence of the objective and subjective, providing tracking of meditation to aid in establishing a practice and overcoming resistance. The Equanimity application is currently available for the iPod Touch and iPhone, but the website also includes printable charts and a flash timer.

This meditation timer both times your sittings and provides graphical tracking, giving you clear feedback on your meditation practice. It’s carefully designed to be the ideal companion for anyone who meditates.

Easy to read graphics let you know at a glance how regularly you are meditating, and how long your daily practice has been going. A chart illustrates your progress over the course of the year, and a bar graph shows the total number of hours you have meditated.

It’s much easier to keep going with a routine when you can see so clearly how you are doing. ~ “Meditation timer for the iphone

Gary Wolf featured Equanimity Project and its creator Robin Barooah at The Quantified Self blog today and shared the following video, in which Robin explains his application.
Robin Barooah on meditation tracking from Kevin Kelly on Vimeo.

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