The Silver Cord is an impressive project.

The Silver Cord is an impressive project. A team of writers and artists have produced a free 210 graphic novel that is available at and are now hoping to fund work on a second volume through a Kickstarter campaign.

The two volumes were envisioned by Kevin Kelly, a writer of fascinating books such as What Technology Wants, and made by a team of creators. Kevin describes the work as “a story about robots at war with millions of species of angels, quantum computing, astral travel, and a coming-of-age crisis of a half-breed girl.” He also calls it a “techno-epic”.

The books have beautiful art and visually reflect the high-calibre talent involved in rendering the story in comic form.The professional quality of storytelling is rewarding and surprising for a project presented outside conventional publishing.

The Silver Cord is a gripping story that is expertly told. It deserves to be funded, so I am backing it on Kickstarter. I hope you will do the same to encourage its creators to continue with exploring a beautiful and compelling world.

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