Last week I took part in a playtest for the storytelling card game Skulduggery. Playing with the designer Sam and a couple friends was a lot of fun. The game encourages players to engage in inventive storytelling and facilitates an engaging social experience. Players take on the role of thieves infiltrating other thieves’ buildings. They use a set of tools to overcome the obstacles and threats found in rooms within each building, all with the aim of claiming loot.

Skulduggery is a storytelling card game about conniving thieves and deadly traps. How will you get through the traps in every building and reach the loot? You need to come up with a great plan!

Use your items, think about what you need to do, and describe your plan. Make it convincing or it’ll never work! Don’t have what you need? You can create a new item!

Sam is continuing to playtest the game and refine it. You can follow his progress through his blog, Grow Giant Games, where rules, printable cards and more information are available. There is also a sample hand available on the game’s Google+ page.

I found the game very accessible and am looking forward to playing it in a large group at one of our future games nights.

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