Elsa Kroese and Charlotte English‘s Spindrift is a young comic, with fewer than 60 pages, but it has a place among the best webcomics.

Many webcomics don’t have the visual polish that can be found in the comics of traditional publishers, but Spindrift matches the best rendered print comics in presentation. The art pops off the page with excellent ink and colour. The characters are expressive, the landscapes magnificent and the many other details are attended to superbly. Of all the webcomics I have read, this is the one I consider to be the most beautiful.

The story carries the trappings of fantasy into a fresh territory that reminds me positively of Jo Clayton‘s work. Character motivations seem complex and dialogue is compelling. The world building deployed for Spindrift¬†seems extensive, and I’m looking forward to the role it will play in the unfolding narrative.

Spindrift is available to read on its website and is available at Comic Rocket for RSS serialization from page one or for automated bookmarking.

Spindrift is a weekly updated comic featuring a modern fantasy story about intrigue, warfare, family, love and betrayal.

The story follows the conflict between the close-minded, conservative Alar race and their mortal enemies, the power-hungry Ildrei. And one young woman who gets caught in between…

As half-Alar, half-Ildrei, Morwenna’s existence offends both races. She and her companions must find a way to navigate the conflict – and attempt to bring peace between the two sides.

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