Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant‘s adventure grabbed me immediately. It’s full of the oversized danger and excitement that the best pulp adventure stories hold, and is expressed through pages of dynamic and beautiful art. What really makes the comic special is the expressive cast, especially the delightful title characters. Tony Cliff has created a lighthearted comic that is a joy to read.

The full book is available to read on the website, and will be published in print this year through First Second. A second volume, Delilah Dirk and the Seeds of Good Fortune, is not yet available digitally and its print version does not seem to be available as I write this.

In 19th-century Turkey, an officer in the Janissary army must struggle to repay a brash adventuress for saving his life, even though she was the one who endangered it in the first place. The webcomic unfolds with four or six new pages each Saturday. The number of pages varies each week in service to the story, usually determined by which page would make a more cruel, heart-wrenching cliffhanger.

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