Lightspeed Magazine ( http://www.

Lightspeed Magazine ( http://www.

Lightspeed Magazine ( ) is running  a special issue this month with a ton of great science fiction stories from some of the best writers in the field.

_”LIGHTSPEED was founded on the core idea that all science fiction is real science fiction. The whole point of this magazine is that science fiction is vast. It is inclusive. Science fiction is about people, and queer people, no matter how they identify [Gay, lesbian, bisexual, demisexual, asexual, pansexual, intersex, transgender, genderfluid, genderqueer–anyone who fits within the QUILTBAG], are a big part of that. We always have been. We’re just sometimes hard to see. So, in the interests of visibility and breaking stuff, here we are to show you just how wide the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity can really be.

Part of our goal with this project–and indeed, our dearest wish–is to get as many queer creators involved as possible. Show the world that we are legion, we are amazing, and we are a part of the great, glorious landscape of the science fiction genre (right before we burn it all to the ground).”_

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