Fog of World

I’ve been using Fog of World to track my location since last year and imported my Google Maps history since 2009 as well. It’s a solid app that maps out travel and has an achievement system for moving about. The app is marketed in an overblown way, but it is a great way to visualize time spent in new or familiar places.

With Fog of World, you relive those destinations and the path that lead you there. Map it; draw each stride out for you to see. Look at the work of art you’ve created – just by traveling. By knowing you cannot be contained.


Witness the transition your travels bring about- and not just in yourself, but as a series of routes we clear out for you in real time. Share your progress, unlock achievements; and take pride in them.


Join Us. Embrace a unique way of experiencing your adventures! Explore, visit and memorize your travels on the world map. Unfog the world and make your life more brilliant today!

Fog of World

GPS data can be messy, and there are occasional jumpy lines in the data, but overall the app does a good job of keeping to actual space covered.

In my home city of Halifax I once had a project of walking down each street and mapping out my journey. It was time consuming and in the end didn’t amount to much. This app would have made it easier but the lack of fog on this peninsula shows the results of that effort.

Fog of World is available for Android and iOS.

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