Raspberry Pi Zero W, Lastcast and Last.fm

A couple weeks back I ordered a Raspberry Pi Zero W from BuyaPi so I could make a cheap (under $15 Canadian) way to scrobble songs from by Google Home setup and play around with some self-hosted web services.

Setting up the Pi was easy, but I needed to chip away at it in small bits of time. I followed the instructions at Lastcast on Raspberry Pi and had everything up and running this afternoon. The Lastcast service runs on the Pi and listens to the casting information on the network so that it knows the songs I’ve played on any of the Google Home or Chromecast devices in my home and then scrobbles those to my Last.fm account.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is tiny, so I was able to tuck it away in a closet with just the USB micro cable connected for power. I’m impressed that so much can be done with a device so small and inexpensive.

My next project will be to install something for the fediverse, such as an instance of pixelfed or funkwhale.

The featured image for this post is by Harrison Broadbent and taken from Unsplash.

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