Poesy the Monster Slayer

As Celestine has grown, I’ve been collecting a few children’s books we might both enjoy. Cory Doctorow’s Poesy the Monster Slayer is one of those, I think. It’s not one she’ll sit through now at just shy of 15 months, but I enjoy it at least.

Poesy the Monster Slayer is children’s book that features a little girl armed with DIY monster-stopping weapons and book-gained knowledge battling classic monsters. It’s beautifully illustrated by Matt Rockefeller with comic elements and the story is empowering and kinetic while still fitting into the simplified form. The audiobook is read very well by Jessica Almasy too, and brings the story even more to life.

A monster slayer needs no bedtime!

Once her parents are off to bed, Poesy excitedly awaits the monsters that creep into her room. With the knowledge she’s gained from her trusty Monster Book and a few of her favorite toys, Poesy easily fends off a werewolf, a vampire, and much more.

But not even Poesy’s bubblegum perfume can defeat her sleep-deprived parents!

Poesy the Monster Slayer

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