Pokémon Adventures 03

I’ve been enjoying picking up the Pokemon Adventures manga when I have down time, and it only got better for the third volume. The pacing is very brisk, with exciting character moments, pivotal battles and heartfelt pronouncements about the power of friendship.

Pokemon Adventures 02

When it rains and during other down time, I’ve continued reading Pokémon Adventures. The second volume is a lot stronger than the first. The characters are more fleshed out and the story diverges from the games in ways that keep things interesting. The art continues to be a great match for this story, with great expressions and action that is full of energy but easy to follow.

Pokémon Adventures 01

It’s a very rainy day here, so I gave in to my very strong Pokémon nostalgia and read the first volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga. The comics are one of the blindspots in my knowledge of the franchise, so it was fun to experience something familiar but new to me.

Like the games, and unlike the anime, the story follows Red as he journeys from Pallett Town and seeks to complete a Pokédex and become a Pokémon master. Red isn’t so different from Ash, but the story does enough different from the anime’s first season to keep things interesting. Zombie Pokémon was a nice surprise.

The art is typically bold and expressive, and brings the characters to life in a way even the anime doesn’t really match.

I’m not sure I’ll dive in and read the other 50+ volumes, but it was fun to start in on the series. I’ve heard good things about it as a whole, so maybe it’ll be a rainy day comfort again.