Dynamic Times For Book Worms And Librarians

I’m about to tell you of one of the most exciting things you can do with books other than reading them. It’s an exciting game called Book Fights that will make your time spent in libraries large and small even more enjoyable.

1) Each participant (2 – 3 is the prefered number of players, but some variations can be just as exciting) takes a random book from the shelf (or pile, depending on the orderliness of the book-housing environment).

2) Then the person picked to start (flip a coin, play rock-paper-scissors, etc.) reads a sentence from a page they choose from their book.

3) The next person reads a sentence from their own book to counter whatever they said.

4) The reading of sentences continues until a book is exhausted and then step 1) is repeated.

5) The winner is the one who can come up with the wittiest comebacks, as judged by the degree of laughter from the participants and/or crowd.

This game was invented by Sascha and I, and we hold exclusive rights to the name and rules. Please feel free to play the game and share it with your friends though.

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